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Building Cleaning is very important task as it is not just about detailed clean but facility should be well disinfected. This is where ICC / i-kleen can help you and disinfect all hand touch surfaces. ICC / I-kleen offers the one stop solution for meeting all your needs linked with Building Cleaning. wall marks, floor stains, lift polishing, parking cleaning, glass and window cleaning, floor scrubbing, dr Thus you need a hi-tech and well experience team. ICC / I-kleen offers an expert help and make it convenient for you best results.
You can feel free to reach out to our cleaning experts for all your enquiries, for any of your commercial or residential building. We can take optimum care for to maintain your building as we are well equipped with highly experienced. we are a process driven company and managed by cleaning experts, so we know how to identify gaps, errors and grey and prepare a customized cleaning plan and schedule for customer. Hence,there is a need for taking the help of professionals and,therecannotbeanyonebetterthanthebuildingcleaningservicesspecialistsfromICC / I­kleen.

Building Cleaning

What We Do

All Surfaces Cleaning
Carpet cleaning
Cabin Glasses& Window Cleaning
Hard floor maintenance
Washroom Cleaning & Disinfection
Lift and fire stairs cleaning
Car park Sweeping and Cleaning
Pest control Treatment
Light testing and Lamp Replacement
Bin Management
Rubbish Removal
24 X 7 X 365 Call Centre Support
Covid-19 Disinfection
Wall Marks Washing & Cleaning
Maintaining Standards for Hygiene
Dedicated Account manager
Internal Audit System
Internal Audit System

Our 3-Step Hiring Process

Have A Schedule Visit

Call, Send an Email, or Fill in the form Provided on our Website.

Discuss All Requirements

Meet with our Sales Manager for a Very Comprehensive Quote that will Match Your Cleaning Needs.

Review All Quotes / Request Revisions

Knowing that You had Made the Right Decision when You Chose to Hire Us.

Building Cleaning

We are experts in cleaning commercial high rise and residential apartment buildings in a perfect manner, So when you facility is well maintain it helps to improve property value for to rent or buy. As part of our building cleaning services, the ICC / I-kleen provide one stop solution for all your requirements for a professionals care Like, Cleaning, disinfection, deodorize, Carpet steam cleaning, wall cleaning, light checking and lamp replacement, garden maintenance, car park cleaning, drains cleaning, bin cleaning and management, scrubbing hard floors, drains cleaning etc all under one roof.. We don’t sub contract our jobs for to maintain ISO standard quality.

You need an consistent and committed cleaner who perform scheduled cleaning and disinfection task religiously. And there should be a checker who check activities almost every next day and report it. ICC / kleen has a lay down procedure, checklist and field inspection team who are on run every single day to give you a best customer experience.

  • Detailed and thoroughGeneral Cleaning
  • Complete Garden maintenance
  • Window Cleaning – Internal / External area
  • Carpet Cleaning Solutions – Shampoo, Scrubbing, Stain Removal Treatment
  • Floor Covering Cleaning – Scrubbing, High pressure, strip & Seal
  • Sensitisation and disinfection all hand touch surfaces
  • Common area toilet cleaning, lift polishing and carpark cleaning with push sweeper
  • Complete Gardening Services including weeding, fertilising etc
  • Pest control

Under Review and Assessment

Products and Tools i-kleen Cleaners Use During Commercial Cleaning

We use advanced and high-quality cleaning equipment and methods to ensure a best cleaning experience for customers. These include multi-filtration vacuum cleaning, hospital-grade germicide disinfectant, High Quality microfiber cloths

State of Art Cleaning Machines

The wet-dry scrubber is a powerful machine wash and cleaning machine that combines the flexibility of a mop and has the power of an industrial scrubber machine to perfectly clean those floors and places that are hard to reach.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

Here at ICC / i­kleen, we primarily use Eco products, which is an efficient, eco­-friendly commercial cleaning solution, certified to kill a board range of germs and bacteria. It removes wide range of common viruses and bacteria which is harmful to human system.

High-quality Microfiber Cloths

For the dusting and cleaning of bench tops, desktops, light fittings, windowsills, tracks we use high-quality microfiber removes allergens up to 99% from all surfaces.

Antibacterial Microfiber Mops

We use advanced and certified cleaning mops that are made of antibacterial microfiber to stop the growth of bacteria and to efficiently clean your floors and surfaces for up to 99% germs, dirt, dust and bacteria.


Commercial Cleaning & Office Cleaning Professionals By i-kleen The Commercial Cleaning Specialists.

When it comes to your business, your office is the face of your company. You can only make one first impression, so making the right one is imperative to ensuring that your clients see your business as professional and organised. To help you keep your business premises as clean as possible, we provide the highest standard in office cleaning and commercial cleaning services customised to your business’s unique needs.

To ensure a spick and span property, hire our team to get the job done for you!

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Frequently asked questions

Q: What equipments and cleaning agents to you use?

At ICC / I­Kleen, we use of environmentally friendly chemicals and hi-tech commercialequipment, Our team is equipped with hand held power tools such as steamer, scrubbers, battery operated blowers, gurney etc. This helps us to perform task at highest standard in shortest time.

Q: What if an accident occurs on our premises?

At ICC / i-kleen cleaning concepts and all our professionals and customer premises, including customers are protected for any kind of accident or incident or damaged to the property. We are covered with public liability and worker compensation insurance with limit of 10 Million.

Q: Which Suburbs does I-Kleen cover?

ICC / I-kleen Covers entire Sydney city, Parramatta and Blue mountain area.

Q: Can I-Kleen service my particular type of business?

ICC / I-kleen Cleaning concepts provide Services for any kind of business cause we are servicing many diverse area with highly skilled cleaners and latest equipment.

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